Having a Flare Up? What to do now...

If you (or a loved one) suffer from flare up, you know all about the unbearable pain, swelling, and throbbing. It’s like the intense pain of stubbing your toe...over and over again.

Today, that all may be about to change.

Sadly, a lot of sufferers take prescription medicine that’s supposed to “cure” flare ups, but still get unbearably painful attacks.

Why is medicine not always the most effective treatment?

To explain, here’s a little background. 4 possible causes:

1. Naturally High levels of Uric Acid

2. Uric Acid Crystallization (your body turns Uric Acid into crystals)

3. Inefficient Purine Metabolism (your body does not break down enough Purines, leaving excess Uric Acid)

4. Imbalanced Inflammatory Response (your body gets easily inflamed in painful areas)

If you only treat SOME of these issues, but not ALL, you may still experience painful flare ups.

While there’s no doubt medication can be helpful, there are some important issues you need to know:

1. No single medication heals short-term AND long-term high uric acid problems. Anti-inflammatory drugs may help ease the pain, but they won’t cure flare ups. You often need more than 1 prescription--one to kill the pain, and one to lower Uric Acid.

2. Some medicines actually cause more flare-ups, making things worse before they get better.

3. According to experts, Uricosuric agents, which are the most common medicine to lower uric acid, are ineffective in about 1 in 4 people

4. Like all medicines, anti-flare up drugs like Uricosuric agents and Allopurinol can sometimes have nasty side effects

Sadly, some people mistakenly think drugs are their only option.

Others believe changing your diet can be effective, but it’s not always enough. Even if you avoid Purine-rich foods, you may still get flare-ups.

There are also many people who avoid foods with high Purine content, but still experience attacks.

That’s because dieting only fixes 1 or 2 of the causes. If your body does not break down Purines efficiently (all foods have SOME Purines), or you get easily inflamed, then a low-Purine diet won’t help.

The same is true with a lot of medications. They may treat 1 or 2 causes, but that’s often not enough.

If you want to eliminate your pain, you really should treat all these things.

Right now, thousands of sufferers are able to eat pretty much anything they want, and they never have flare ups. It’s safe and totally natural, with zero side effects or prescriptions.

Highly Effective Combination of Natural Ingredients

Combining these ingredients, to work together, to fight high Uric Acid and eliminate pain and suffering, by lowering Uric Acid levels, and getting rid of inflammation, all in one shot.

Flare ups are caused by inflammation, which is an immune response to Uric Acid crystals. To get rid of flare ups, you need to do 3 things:

1. Keep Uric Acid Levels Low

2. Make sure your body breaks down uric acid so it does not crystallize

3. Fight inflammation

First Step: Attach Pain and Inflammation:

Getting the pain and inflammation to go away fast is important in gout treatment or the course of action is not always followed.

Turmeric is a powerful natural anti inflammatory, combined with Yucca Root, a powerful painkiller, you immediately address the pain and inflammation. This gets you back on your feet.

Step Two: Break Down Uric Acid

If the uric acid doesn’t break down, the body can’t remove it. Causing recurrent flare-ups.

Banaba Leaf Powder works to lower uric acid levels but preventing purines turning into uric acid.

painful gout

Acai Fruit Extract contains 20 times the bioflavonoids that Tart Cherry Extract does. The active ingredient that prevents elevated blood uric acid levels.

Step Three: Remove Excess Uric Acid

Celery Seed Extract has been shown to excrete uric acid from the blood. Along with Artichoke Leaf Extract another natural herb that promotes excretion of uric acid.

These ingredients were not randomly chosen. They’re scientifically proven to eliminate flare up pain, and combined in a way that synergistically gets rid of symptoms AND the underlying root causes.

Other treatments are only partially effective. They take little jabs here and there, but the flare up happen again. All the ingredients work together to deliver a “knockout punch”.

treating all 4 causes simultaneously

It’s not magic. It’s good old-fashioned science.

Amazing Benefits of using this protocol:

Gets rid of short-term pain fast

Lowers Uric Acid levels to erase the pain long-term

Totally safe and natural, made of plant and spice extract

No side effects (unlike medications)

Added health benefits of vegetable and herb extracts

Natural supplement, no prescription necessary

If you suffer from flare ups, following this protocol may be quicker and more effective to get rid of your pain than prescription medicines. And since it’s from plants, spices, herbs, and extracts, it’s totally safe, with zero side effects.


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from the doctor

  • Symptoms of a Flare-Up caused by high uric acid levels

    Intense joint pain. Lingering discomfort. Inflammation and redness. Limited range of motion.

  • Causes of High Uric Acid Levels

    Diuretic medications (water pills).Drinking too much alcohol.Genetics (inherited tendencies).Hypothyroidism.Poor Diet.Obesity.Psoriasis.

  • Why Uric Acid Management is Important

    Left unmanaged, over 90% of cases recur for life. Fingers, knees, and other affected joints can sustain permanent damage. uric acid crystals in urine can lead to other disorders, like kidney stones. The impact of uric acid on your life and daily routine can be severe and disruptive. It can have an emotional impact on your life. Gout can severely limit your diet choices. Ignored or improperly managed, gout may eventually require surgery.


Helpful Tips

1. Fatty Fish 2. leafy Greens 3. Tart Cherries 4. Nuts 5. Tomatoes

1. Cinnamon: antioxidant 2. Turmeric: anti-inflammatory 3. Ginger: relieve nausea and bloating 4. Cumin: Immune booster 5. Peppermint: vitamin C source